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Douxessenza Beauty is an online store that sells natural products such as foot sprays and body oils. The site was created using the Wordpress and WooCommerce. Programs and skills used were Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Douxessenza Beauty


February, 2019


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Web Design
Live Shipping Rates
Image Editing
Payment System
Email Marketing

Douxessenza Beauty is a new business and needed their first online storefront for ecommerce purposes of a few products consisting of body oils and sprays. Other than a basic Wordpress ecommerce website, the site also had to be connected to Shipstation, and access both UPS and USPS API to get the shipping rates.
Added the logo at the top with the 3 vertical line button that clicks to a fullscreen flyout menu. Alongside it are the search and shopping cart buttons. The search button also has a flyout effect while the shopping cart buttons changes the page to the cart page. The sliders also use floral imagery to represent a natural vibe.
The shopping page was straight forward although I did use Photoshop to cutout the images before creating products with a simple rollover effect. Items can be added to the store right from the product list, or a use can click on a product to view more details like any other store. The colors were the client's choice and I kept that in mind as well as keeping the site as clean as possible through some spacing techniques.
More plant-based imagery and keeping everything somewhat spaced out.
The cart page contains a shipping calculator that the user can use by inputting an address. The shipping rates are calculated using the USPS and UPS APIs to give users live rates. The various shipping options available from the shipping carriers are listed. Both domestic and international orders accepted.
I also created 2 custom email addresses to for marketing purposes.
Users can also login or register to get access to the member page when they create an order or even if they do not.